Tahoe History Features

The Legend of White Wolf

Ski & Ride 2016       By Matthew Renda      

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Rebels with a Cause

Ski & Ride 2016       By Sylas Wright      

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George Whittell, Jr.: The Accidental Conservationist

Best of Tahoe 2016       By Matthew Renda      

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The 10th Mountain Division: WWII’s High-Altitude Heroes

Ski & Ride 2015       By Matthew Renda      

The Tenth Mountain Division fought in WWII then came home to build the ski industry

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Summertide’s Lore

Mountain Home Awards 2017       By Matthew Renda      

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A Castle in the Pines

Summer 2016       By Alison Bender      

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Thunderbird Turns 75

Summer 2015      

America’s most recognizable, and possibly the most valuable, wooden speedboat turns 75 this summer.

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Tahoe History Articles

Battle Birth

Best of Tahoe 2014       Written By Matthew Renda      

Nevada's 150th birthday marks its embattled entry into the Union

The year 2014 ushers in Nevada’s 150th birthday.       The Nevada Constitution, which was created at a convention in Carson City in July 1864, was sent to Washington, D.C., via…

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Tram Car Trauma

Winter 2014-2015       Written By Matthew Renda      

Squaw Valley raced to rescue those stuck in the 1978 mid-air cable car disaster

It was 3:45 p.m. on April 15, 1978, when a particularly muscular Sierra blizzard struck Squaw Valley ski resort. The red tram, filled with 44 occupants, was heading steadily toward…

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The SS Tahoe: Disaster and Triumph

Best of Tahoe 2015       Written By Matthew Renda      

How one man lost the symbol of his family’s glory in Tahoe's depths and another achieved glory finding it

When William Bliss, the son of self-made magnate Duane Leroy Bliss, stood on the East Shore of Lake Tahoe outside the fledgling town of Glenbrook, Nevada, on August 29, 1940,…

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His Way: Sinatra at Tahoe

Ski & Ride 2014       Written By Matthew Renda      

The Chairman of the Board, the Cal Neva, the Mafia and Harry Reid: an unlikely intersection

The Cal Neva Lodge and Casino fell on hard times during the Great Recession. Its previous owners struggled with the sluggish economy and incursions from Native American casinos on its…

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The Forgotten Miracle

Winter 2013       Written By Matthew Renda      

More than five decades later, the players and head coach from the 1960 U.S. Hockey team remember American hockey's first gold medal

It was Saturday, February 27, 1960—the second to last day of the Squaw Valley Winter Olympics—and the recently built Blyth Arena was packed to the rafters.       The seething throng…

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Not One but Many: John Muir in Tahoe

Summer 2015       Written By Matthew Renda      

John Muir’s letters offer insight into his time at Tahoe

The Sierra Nevada mountain range belongs to John Muir, but Lake Tahoe is considered the literary property of Mark Twain, who wrote exuberantly about its crystalline waters edged by serrated…

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Carroll Shelby: The Myth and the Man

Winter 2015-2016       Written By Matthew Renda      

The famed auto designer raced around the world, but part of his heart remained in Tahoe

Carroll Shelby’s legend looms large in Lake Tahoe.       To be fair, since the automobile designer, race car driver and chili cook-off impresario died in May 2013, the history of…

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Bay to Bay

Mountain Home Awards 2013      

How Lake Tahoe’s early conservationists changed the world

How Lake Tahoe’s early conservationists changed the world Written by Scott Lankford During the Gold Rush era, pioneer geographers stubbornly penciled in a mythical river linking Lake Tahoe to San…

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Julia Morgan: Twice a Pioneer

Mountain Home Awards 2015       Written By Matthew Renda      

How one woman advanced the discipline of architecture and quietly embodied the Women’s Rights Movement

While the pantheon of American architects features many illustrious men—Frank Lloyd Wright, Frank Gehry, Benjamin Henry Latrobe and Thomas Jefferson—the list is incomplete without Julia Morgan, a groundbreaking woman who…

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A Fortune in Tahoe Water

Summer 2014       Written By Adam Jensen      

Schemes advanced and failed over the nineteenth and twentieth centuries to drain Lake Tahoe

A little-known fact about Lake Tahoe is that it is actually a reservoir. Well, at least it functions as a reservoir. Clearly, Tahoe is a natural lake and its current…

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The Dislocation of Lake Tahoe

Ski & Ride 2013       Written By Matthew Renda      

How California’s Gold Rush led to a fractured governance structure in the Basin

The formation of the five counties dividing Lake Tahoe’s shoreline was more influenced by what happened outside the Basin in the middle of the nineteenth century than what occurred within.…

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Bela G. Vadasz, 1953–2015

Winter 2015-2016       Written, Photography By Brad Rassler      

A remembrance of famed guide and climber Bela Vadasz

Tahoe mountain guide Bela G. Vadasz died September 15, 2015, during a medical procedure, leaving behind a legacy spanning nearly 40 years of guiding and teaching mountain skills in the…

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Historic Tall Tales of Lake Tahoe

From the Vault      

The surprising truth of Lake Tahoe

Written by TQ Staff   Bankrupt and blacklisted, a failed 70-year-old British philosopher named Bertrand Russell once sat stark- naked in his tiny cabin near the shores of Lake Tahoe,…

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