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Fat Tire Frenzy

Best of Tahoe 2015       By Ryan Salm      

Tahoe was Made for Mountain Bikes

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Desolation Wilderness: Cherished and Guarded

Best of Tahoe 2013       By Sylas Wright      

Desolation Wilderness is a wildland wonderland--and its protectors intend to keep it that way

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Huts on the Horizon

Ski & Ride 2016       By Greyson Howard      

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Trekking the PCT through Tahoe

Best of Tahoe 2016      

Take a visual tour of the PCT as it passes through the Tahoe area

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Cold Smoke and Fire Water

Winter 2015-2016       By Seth Lightcap      

Nevada's Outback provides terrific downhill opportunities

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A Lifetime of Wellness

Best of Tahoe 2015       By Brad Rassler      

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Scaling Donner Summit

Summer 2015      

Donner Summit climbing pioneers reminisce about the past and look toward the future

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Still Grand, the Dame at 75

Winter 2014-2015       By Becky Wright      

Sugar Bowl turns 75

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Crafting the Cold

Winter 2015-2016       By Kyle Magin      

From building parks to producing TV, SPT does it all

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‘Big Man’ on the Rise

Ski & Ride 2016       By Dylan Silver      

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Eye to Eye: Coalition Snow

Ski & Ride 2015       By Andrew Pridgen      

The first for-women, by-women ski company is based here in Tahoe

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Push It To The Limit

Best of Tahoe 2013       By Alison Bender      

Tahoe’s history of skiers and riders pushing it harder and higher has led to triumph and tragedy

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The Land of Fire and Snow

Summer 2016       By Sylas Wright      

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Seven Views of Tahoe

Best of Tahoe 2016       By Alison Bender      

Seven Artists share how they embody Tahoe in their work

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Spokes on Slopes

Ski & Ride 2015      

Taking bikes onto Tahoe's snow

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Best of Tahoe Photo Contest Winners

Best of Tahoe 2013      

Check out Tahoe's best photography

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Sugarloaf’s Grand Illusion, Revealed

Summer 2016      

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Tahoe’s Silent World: Diving Big Blue

Summer 2015       By Dylan Silver      

Scuba divers roam Lake Tahoe’s depths

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Ice, Fire and Granite

Winter 2015-2016       By Greyson Howard      

Volcanoes, glaciers and earthquakes formed Lake Tahoe

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Bird’s Eye View

Best of Tahoe 2016      

To get a handle on environmental impacts, a local photographer took to the sky

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Winter Dreamscape

Ski & Ride 2015       By Ryan Slabaugh       By Jen Schmidt      

Squaw Valley's first couple of skiing look to a new venture

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Frozen Over

Winter 2014-2015      

Photographers find beauty in Tahoe's frigid winters.

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Outdoors Articles

Snowmakers: Custodians of the Peak

Ski & Ride 2015      

Tahoe's snowmakers take on increased significance as climate change takes hold

JP Silva spreads a large satellite printout dotted with pale green conifers over a conference room table at Diamond Peak Ski Resort. Blue lines pinpoint the approximate locations of underground…

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The Slopes Beyond the Ropes

From the Vault      

Locals guide to best side country in Tahoe

Written by Jeremy Benson Originally Published Winter 2010-2011 Loosely defined, sidecountry is legal out-of-bounds areas or backcountry terrain that is accessed from a ski resort. Over the past decade, sidecountry skiing…

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Desolation Wilderness: Of Rock and Water

Summer 2014       Written, Photography By Ryan Salm      

Desolation Wilderness backcountry paddling trip offers trials, rewards

Using the melodic music pumping from the car stereo to get into a rhythm, we inflated our brand-new Naish paddleboards. A cobalt sky dotted with a few lonely clouds opened…

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The Top 25 Athletes in Tahoe / Reno History

From the Vault       Written By Kyle Magin      

local sports experts ranked the top 25 greatest Tahoe / Reno athletes of all time

1. Greg LeMond, 1961— There exists two different eras in the Tour de France the American conscience—before Greg Lemond and after. Cycling’s most prestigious race barely registered on the domestic…

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Lovers Leap: A Daring Adventure, or Nothing

Ski & Ride 2013       Written By Matthew Renda      

A climber luckily reflects on his 60 ft fall and lessons learned.

Helen Keller and rock climbing aren’t typically associated with one another.     Nonetheless, Keller, a deaf and blind woman and prolific early twentieth century author, wrote: “Avoiding danger is no…

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Sly Designs: The Architecture of Henrik Bull

Mountain Home Awards 2016       Written By Matthew Renda      

Credited with inventing the A-frame, the Bay Area architect left his mark in the Sierra Nevada

If you haven’t noticed the work of notable Bay Area architect Henrik Bull, that’s by design.       Bull’s architectural maxim dictates that structures integrate into their settings, particularly when recommended…

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Eye to Eye with South Lake Tahoe’s Jamie Anderson

Ski & Ride 2014       Written By Sylas Wright      

Jamie Anderson is an Olympic gold medalist in snowboarding's slopestyle event, a Sierra-at-Tahoe team rider and a South Lake Tahoe native. We talk to the golden girl about life since reaching the top of the podium in Sochi.

Competing in Russia’s large and intimidating Rosa Khutor Extreme Park during the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, Finnish snowboarder Enni Rukajarvi executed a highly technical and nearly flawless run that thrust…

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Daron Rahlves gets you pumped for ski season

From the Vault       Written By Susan D. Rock      

Daron Rahlves stays active in the summer in order to be dominant in the winter.

Four-time Olympian, most decorated American male downhill and Super G skier and winner of the legendary Hahnenkamm, Sugar Bowl Ambassador and Truckee resident Daron Rahlves still hits it hard every…

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Tahoe Tough

Best of Tahoe 2013      

From Ultra runs to obstacle courses, Tahoe’s best races challenge body and mind

Written by Justin Broglio When this article went to print, athletes training for Lake Tahoe’s first Ironman Triathlon had 26 weeks until race day.     While that may seem a…

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A Snowshoer’s Paradise

Winter 2016-2017       Written By Joan Wharton      

Lake Tahoe backcountry offers unbeatable snowshoeing options for winter adventurers of all abilities   The snow is flying, transforming Lake Tahoe into a winter wonderland. What better way to get…

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2015 Best of Tahoe Photo Contest Award Winners

Mountain Home Awards 2015      

Check out the winners of the 2015 Tahoe Quarterly Best of Tahoe Photo Contest

Welcome to the 2015 Best of Tahoe Photo Contest results page. The magazine received hundreds of entries on its Facebook page for its annual photo contest. You can see all…

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Controlled Slide

Ski & Ride 2015       Written By Dylan Silver      

On the roads and slopes, managing avalanche risk is a precarious task

The black SUV cruised around a corner high above Emerald Bay. The March sky was clear and the sun baked the mountain snow. The driver, Karrie Kunich, a Markleeville resident,…

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Biathlon at Tahoe

From the Vault      

Guns, skis, and the push for biathlon at Tahoe

Originally Published Ski & Ride 2011 Written by Lis Korb With the lung-bursting cardio of Nordic skiing and the precise, cool-headed aim of marksmanship, biathlon is a clear case of…

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Education Through Adventure

Summer 2014      

School uses Tahoe's environment to activate students' minds

Eleven-year-old Max Loughan saunters across the large asphalt driveway serving as a playground for Tahoe Expeditionary Academy. He speaks clearly and confidently over the clash of a hockey game in…

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Tahoe’s Backcountry Gems

Ski & Ride 2013       Written By Greyson Howard      

Skin up for one of these classic off-piste descents

Diverse and varied ski resorts ring Lake Tahoe, offering a wide range of terrain to any skier or snowboarder’s liking, instantly accessible at the top of a chair or gondola.…

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Report: Ski Resorts See Revenue Despite Drought

Mountain Home Awards 2015       Written By Becky Wright      

Report: Ski resort revenues stabilize despite drought

Every winter millions of skier dollars pour into the Tahoe Basin. Established resorts squirrel away their winter spoils, knowing every penny keeps the tank running through bleak shoulder seasons.      …

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Glenbrook Native Attempts Global Summits

Summer 2015       Written By Matthew Renda      

Brette Harrington grew up climbing in Tahoe and is now taking her skill across the globe

The rock climbing exploits of Lake Tahoe native Brette Harrington have captured the climbing world’s attention as her projects increase in daring, ambition and execution.       In February, the 23-year-old…

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Splitboard Revolution

Ski & Ride 2013      

Tahoe Snowboarders Lead the Progressive New Sport Forward

Written by David Bunker More than 20 years after a guy called Cowboy pieced together a hacksawed snowboard into the world’s first splitboard, the idea of using a snowboard to…

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Q&A with Jeremy Jones

From the Vault      

Jeremy Jones on his new film Deeper and living in Tahoe

By Seth Lightcap North Tahoe professional snowboarder Jeremy Jones could double for a tight rope–walking circus juggler. The balancing act of business, politics and play that this 37–year–old father of…

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Tahoe Trailblazing

Summer 2013       Written By Greyson Howard      

Inside the evolving art of trailbuilding

Trails etch into packed earth and chipped stone across the Tahoe landscape, zigzagging up the Sierra’s steep peaks, tracing a parallel course to its streams and rivers, dipping into shaded…

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Against the Grain: Tahoe Resorts Debate Uphill Policies

Ski & Ride 2014       Written By Sylas Wright      

As backcountry and sidecountry skiing expand in popularity, some resorts are formally allowing their skiers & riders to skin up their slopes

Anyone who’s ridden much at Sugar Bowl Resort has seen them. People shuffling upslope on skis or splitboards, against traffic, defiant in the face of chairlifts and gravity.       The…

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Teeing Up

Best of Tahoe 2013       Written By Kyle Magin      

Disc golf comes to the “fore” front of Tahoe sports

Brandon Uppham sized up a shot on Incline Village’s disc golf course and cocked the hard plastic disc across his body. From a half-crouch—and forgetting, or not caring, to shed…

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Moseley Inducted into Bay Area Hall of Fame

Best of Tahoe 2015       Written By Sylas Wright      

Jonny Moseley was recently inducted into the Bay Area Sports Hall of Fame

The latest inductees into the Bay Area Sports Hall of Fame are associated with prodigious home runs and accurate tee shots, championship ball teams and—for the first time in the organization’s…

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Tahoe: Grandpa’s Kind of Place

Summer 2014       Written By Dylan Silver      

My Grandpa likes to say, “it’s the struggle that keeps you alive.” As I sat by his hospital bed in April, it struck me that this motto applies to Lake…

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Best Spots to stay in the Backcountry

From the Vault      

Top 6 back country huts by the Historic Sierra Club

Written by Seth Lightcap Originally published in Winter 2012   Whether you’re prime for a backcountry adventure or just keen for a lodging experience of yesteryear, the Tahoe Sierra Club…

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Squaw Expansion Marches Forward, Under Protest

Mountain Home Awards 2016      

Expansion plans for Tahoe resort meet opposition over scope

Written by Tanya Canino With frigid temperatures in the single digits, Jennifer Gurecki wasn’t hanging out by the side of Squaw Valley Road on December 27 just for kicks. She…

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The Expectation of Winter

Ski & Ride 2015       Written By Andrew Pridgen      

From snow tires to wood for fires, son remembers his father's enthusiastic preparations for a Tahoe winter

My father’s enthusiasm for the changing of fall into winter was so exceptional that folks believed him to be the most seasoned of mountain-bound men. The reality is he came…

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Squaw Mountain Run Turns 35

Best of Tahoe 2015       Written By Becky Wright      

The legendary Squaw Mountain Run celebrates a milestone this year

There are two days a year when Squaw Valley is scarier from the bottom.       The Squaw Mountain Run is one of those days.       Like its winter counterpart—the Billy…

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The Junior Takeover

Ski & Ride 2015      

Junior big mountain skiing is growing as a discipline with some of the best hailing from Tahoe-area ski resorts

Written by Dave Zook In 2003, when Eric DesLauriers started coaching junior big mountain skiing competition, he and his kids had just one competitive outlet in the entire country in…

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Shooting Stars over Tahoe

Summer 2015      

Professional photographer Grant Kaye shares tips for capturing Tahoe's night sky

Written and Photographed by Grant Kaye Ask Lake Tahoe locals about the wondrous summer night sky and they will almost certainly tell you the stars shine brighter in Tahoe. Locals…

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Sailing the Big Blue

From the Vault       Written By Jen Schmidt      

An insiders guide to sailing Lake Tahoe

Originally published Summer 2011 It’s afternoon and the powerboats begin their stuttering retreats back to buoys and trailers. What once was inviting glass for wakeboards and water skis is now darkening, beginning to…

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Sand Harbor: Life’s a Beach

Best of Tahoe 2014      

Written by Lisa RIddiough You’ll get to Sand Harbor early, before the crowd. Eight-thirty a.m., 9 at the latest, the drive from Oakland or Reno or the three short miles…

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